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What’s in YOUR Estate Plan?

In a previous post, I explained what Probate is, why you should care, and what you can do about it. A properly drafted estate plan can protect your family, save them (and your estate) money, and give you peace of mind but what IS an estate plan and what should be included? WHAT IS IT? […]

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Top 10 States for People with Special Needs

It is well established that states wildly differ on what they provide for their special needs citizens. The 2015 Case for Inclusion report had disappointing findings indicating low employment rates and long waiting lists for community and residential services. Thankfully, these top 10 states stood out among the rest! Need help protecting your or your […]

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What is Probate and Why should you care?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your things after you die? Many mistakenly think homes, cars, bank accounts and everything else automatically┬ápasses to their family but unfortunately, life isn’t so┬ásimple . Even if you don’t have cars, homes, or heafty bank account, you still have an “estate” and you can’t take it with you […]

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